At WellTyme, we are fully committed to total well-being. This includes a broad range of offerings spanning several wellness modalities in addition to a newly established segment focused on bringing high-quality, clean-label, and customized Vitamin and Supplement products to our customers.

In keeping true to this commitment of making healthy living a reality, we have entered into an exciting new joint venture with Just+ Wellness, an innovator in the Vitamin and Supplement industry.

Just+ has a longstanding commitment to following the science (via clinical data) in formulation and dosage determinations for its products. We only use the highest quality raw materials in all products with a primary focus on VEGAN offerings and innovative delivery forms.

Just+ formulates and develops vitamins and supplements to proactively meet the diverse needs of “Health and Wellness” consumers.

Together, WellTyme and Just+ are revolutionizing the way supplements are designed, developed, and offered…all to fit YOUR needs as a consumer and your clients’ needs as a wellness practitioner.

The Wellness Industry…

The COVID Pandemic has created heightened awareness world-wide around Immune system support. Immune support is being accomplished through improved diets and increased intake of the right vitamins and supplements.

Medical professionals world-wide are recommending that people of all ages take various vitamins/supplements to both boost their immune systems and to account for the declining nutrient content of the foods available to us.

These recommendations by medical professionals have helped to ignite a much needed global shift away from reactively addressing illnesses to PREVENTION of illnesses.

The Just+ Approach

  • We use ONLY the highest quality raw materials (with a primary focus on VEGAN offerings).
  • We keep our consumers healthy
  • Pairing custom formulations with Innovative delivery forms
  • We ALWAYS follow the science by respecting clinical data on dosages for our formulations.
  • We make claims on our products that we KNOW we can deliver.
  • We donate to the causes that our consumers care about.
  • We make SCIENCE ACCESSIBLE to the consumer through education.
  • We provide flexible options to allow for uniquely customized products to suit consumer needs (Contact us below for custom formulation opportunities).

Our Featured Product:

(FDA Approved)

‘The Heat’ & ‘The Chill’ Topical “Recovery” Roll-ons

(Now Available)

Just+ ‘s ‘The Heat’ (Warming) and ‘The Chill’ (Cooling) Recovery formulas use an exclusive FDA Approved formulation designed to provide superior pain relief to joints, muscles, and tendons. It was specifically created to provide great glide for soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue treatments, sports massages, and other physical therapy treatments. Easy absorption provides quick pain relief and increases circulation during treatment. It contains a proprietary Magnesium blend combined with the benefits of Arnica, Hemp Seed, CBD, and Seaberry. These ingredients work synergistically to provide the best recovery product on the market!

Available in Warming and Cooling Formulas, these products are currently only accessible through your Just+ or WellTyme representative.

For More Information, Check out our Product Info Page!

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Products Available for Customization and White-Label

Just+ Youth Sports Products (white label opportunity)

  • Protein Shake
  • BCAA
  • Post-Workout:
    • This product will help muscle growth & recovery.
  • Pre-Workout (w/o stimulants):
    • This product works in the NO pathways to improve blood flow, focus and energy.
  • Mental Sharpness:
    • This product is a nootropic that improves reaction time, improves focus and reduces errors.
  • Hydration:
    • Hydration without the sugar & artificial colors.

More Just+ Products (white label opportunity)

  • Fertility & Women’s Health
  • Stress Relief & Mood Support
  • Longevity & Anti-Aging
  • Digestion
  • Eye Health
  • Heart Health
  • Sleep Support
  • Beauty & Skin Health
  • Sexual Health
  • & BEYOND

Contact us for more info on products and customization…