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Euron Nicholson

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Euron’s 20 year career in health and wellness fields helped him realize his passion for helping people and organizations maximize their potential and well-being. As a certified Life and WellBeing Coach (CLC) and MBA, he supports the development and growth of wellness-focused businesses and consumers across a multitude of wellness disciplines, ultimately giving Wellness “a time, place, and space to connect!” He founded WellTyme, Inc. in 2018.

Our Mission

“WellTyme is your premier and single-point connection to the Wellbeing movement.

We were founded on the idea that there are many disparate resources and modalities in the wellness space, but they’re not all connected. So, we wanted to bring those resources within reach of wellness practices and consumers everywhere.

We support practitioners, studios, consumers, and companies by providing them with the wellness resources they need most, all through a single-hub-and-point—WellTyme!

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