Giving Wellness a time, place, and space to connect

What We Do

Regardless of your personal or professional designation, WellTyme serves as your “Single-Source” partner in achieving your goals in Wellness.

WellTyme supports Practitioners, Studios, Consumers, & Companies seeking unique and innovative Wellness programs by connecting them with the resources they need most.

We are your number ONE partner, dedicated to providing you with everything needed for your personal and business objectives in wellness!

Wellness Practitioner Support

Through our ``Healer's Right Hand`` Program, we support Wellness/Healing Practitioners in scaling their practices through event management, venue sourcing, technology, marketing, resource attainment, and all other areas necessary for them to meet their growth and income goals.

Wellness Retreats, Classes, and Workshops

WellTyme holds and coordinates Retreats, Classes, and other exposure events spanning every area of Wellness.

Athletic Training and Enrichment

Through R2H and other affiliates, WellTyme provides comprehensive development and training for athletes of all types, ranging from high school sports teams to collegiate athletes and even professional athletes.

Mobile Wellness (Retreat) Center

WellTyme offers the unique experience of a luxury mobile Wellness Center offering Spa and Sports recovery services. Host your next Private or Corporate Wellness event with our beautiful 30-foot custom-converted RV.

Corporate Wellness

WellTyme develops custom Corporate wellness programs to fit any size company. We leverage our extensive network of Practitioners to bring balance, health, and wellness to your Company's culture.

Upcoming Events

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.``
- Dalai Lama-

June 23 @ 1:00 pm - June 25 @ 1:00 pm CDT
3402 Serra Rd.

Our Mobile Wellness Center

A Mobilized Wellness Solution for your next Private or Corporate Event!

Practitioner Support

-WellTyme is the ``Healer’s Right Hand”…A Wellness Services partner supporting wellness and healing practices across all disciplines in their quest to spread healing, love, and Light!-

Our Healer's Right Hand Program provides...

Creation and Implementation of your Business Plan:

The Problem You're Solving

Your Solutions (Client Offerings)

Target Market

Competitive Advantage

Funding Needs

Sales & Marketing Actitivities

Forecast (Revenue Streams & Expenses)

Team & Key Roles

Key Milestones

A Dedicated Event Development Consultant to support...

Workshop/Retreat/Class Planning

Event Coordination

Venue Procurement

Venue Procurement

Onsite Support

A Dedicated Podcast Launch Consultant/Coach to provide guidance on: Production, Editing, Hosting, Content Creation, Segment length, podcast commitment, Frequency, Sponsors, Advertising/Marketing, Guest management, Cost, and more!

Legal Document Drafting to support the creation of Contracts, Waivers, and other many other Agreements.

Copywriting support to create compelling copy for Blog writing, Social Media Posts, Email Marketing, Advertising, Business Planning, and more!

Graphic Design support for things such as Logo creation, Podcast Cover Art, Brochures, Ads, Social Media Graphics, Flyers, Infographics, & more.

Branded Mobile Application Development support you in launching your own branded app for coaching/teaching/training online, booking, content library, subscriptions, live-streaming, interactive classes, community building, push notifications, client support & services, and much more.

A Dedicated Book-writing Consultant/Coach to support...

Bringing your Wellness/Spirituality Book idea to life.

A Dedicated Marketing/Ad Consultant to support you with...

Digital Marketing for Wellness events, products, and services.

Lead generation funnel development for Wellness events, products, and services.

Event Promotion

A Dedicated Podcast Launch Consultant/Coach to provide guidance on...




Content Creation

Segment length

Podcast commitment




Guest management


& more!

Copywriting support to create compelling copy for...

Blog writing

Social Media Posts

Email Marketing


Business Planning

& more!

Graphic Design support for...

Logo creation

Podcast Cover Art



Social Media Graphics



& more

Branded Mobile Application Development to support you in launching your own branded app for...

coaching/teaching/training online


Content library



Interactive classes

Community building

Push notifications

Client support & services

& much more

AFFORDABLE Wellness Practice CRM Software to Support...

Facility management (I.e. Studio/Office Room schedules, Client check-in, etc.)

Marketing (Email, Text, Push Notifications)

Booking and Scheduling

Manage Clients

Manage Staff

Manage Equipment

Mobile Application

Rewards Programs

Virtual Trainings and Classes


& More

Registration Forms and Waivers

We Support Your Practice with...

Marketing Materials Creation

Social Media Marketing and Branding

Video Advertisement

Other Digital Marketing

Podcast Cover Art



Social Media Graphics





& more

With us, You get access to...

WellTyme Vendors

WellTyme Sponsors

Our Network of Like-hearted Practitioners for Collaborative Offerings

WellTyme Contractors for Services at reduced rates

Everyone should have a Mentor or Partnered Advisor

With WellTyme as an Partnered Advisor, YOU get...

Specialized knowledge that you may not have


NEW ideas that align with your Practice goals

Fresh perspectives to grow YOUR ideas