“It’s not about being a master of ALL things, it’s about being connected as ONE.”

Regardless of your personal or professional designation, WellTyme serves as your “Single-Source” partner in achieving your goals in Wellness.

Through its broad span of service offerings, WellTyme supports Practitioners, Studios, and Consumers, by connecting them with the resources they need most.

We believe that one’s ability to care for and take care of self firmly depends on their willingness to partner with others of common mind and heart. Via direct Community engagement and through our expansive network of strategic partners, we bring ease and convenience to mastering Wellness by making it more accessible for all.

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Our Services

Wellness Classes & Events

WellTyme organizes and coordinates Wellness retreats, Classes, and other events spanning a variety of modalities.

Mobile Retreat Spa

WellTyme offers the unique experience of a luxury mobile Wellness Spa and Salon for rent. Host your next event using our beautiful 30-foot custom-converted RV.

Wellness Practitioner Support

We support Wellness Practitioners and studios by optimizing their practices through technology, marketing, design, resource alignment, and countless other areas key to business growth.

Clean-Label/Vegan Supplements

Through a joint business partnership with leading and innovative Vitamin and Supplement creator Just+, WellTyme is positioned to further support Total Wellness by ensuring that the highest quality natural vitamins and supplements are a part of the Wellness regimen.

Sports Training and Enrichment

Through it’s DNA and R2H affiliates, WellTyme provides comprehensive athletic development and sports-specific training for athletes of all types, ranging from high school sports teams to collegiate athletes and even professional athletes.