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Empowering Leaders. Inspiring Communities. Elevating Compassion.

WellTyme empowers health and wellness businesses to transform community well-being by providing innovative services and support, fostering a global network where wellness is accessible and sustainable for all.

Holistic Health Integration

WellTyme seamlessly fuses wellness business strategy with clinical care, supporting holistic health approaches that address the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those served.

Operational Efficiency

Our services streamline administrative processes, allowing healthcare providers and wellness businesses to focus more on client/patient care and less on operational tasks.

Community Empowerment

By facilitating workshops, retreats, and collaborative events, WellTyme strengthens community ties and supports shared health and wellness goals.

Our Services

One Partner, Your Team.

Our Healer’s Right Hand Business Support Program offers an innovative and tailored approach to securing the exact mix of support you need.

Certified Team of Experts

Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in various domains crucial for the success of health and wellness practices.

Innovative Solutions

We offer "smart" solutions specifically tailored for health and wellness organizations, leveraging cutting-edge technology (including AI) and industry expertise to optimize operations, enhance customer reach, and maximize revenues.

Customized Wellness Programs

WellTyme provides practices with tailored wellness programs that complement clinical treatments and enhance patient care.

Patient Engagement Tools

We offer customized and innovative tools to help practices engage patients in their health journey, improving outcomes and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

We deliver solutions to streamline practice operations, allowing healthcare and wellness providers to focus more on patient/client care.

Integrated Wellness and Clinical Care

Our services blend wellness programs seamlessly with clinical treatments to support holistic patient health.

Community Engagement

WellTyme assists practices in delivering interactive workshops, retreats, and other events for their communities, facilitating shared experiences and peer support.

Streamlined Administrative Processes

WellTyme helps practices improve operational efficiency, reducing administrative burdens with technology solutions.

Community and Network Expansion

WellTyme aids in building a supportive community for patients, while also helping practices connect with a broader network of wellness experts.

Targeted Online Campaigns

WellTyme creates and manages tailored digital marketing campaigns that resonate with the wellness community.

Content Strategy Development

Provides comprehensive content strategies, including SEO-optimized articles, blogs, and videos to engage audiences.

Social Media Management

Manages social media presence, fostering strong client relationships and enhancing online community engagement.

Brand Identity Enhancement

We strengthen clients’ brand identity with consistent and compelling digital storytelling that aligns with wellness and health values.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilizes analytics to deliver insights on customer behavior, optimizing marketing efforts for better reach and conversion.

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From strategy to delivery...

We specialize in CONSCIOUS business growth

WellTyme accelerates health and wellness business growth by implementing innovative sales strategies, boosting brand awareness, expanding reach, harnessing compassion through service, optimizing operational efficiency, and ultimately achieving business growth. Through tailored solutions and expert guidance, we help heart-led organizations to achieve sustainable success in today's competitive health and wellness landscape, all while leaving a mark on the lives of those they serve.

What we offer

Crafting Solutions for Those Committed to Serving Others with Care

Strategic Business Blueprint

Practice Management Operations

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing

Lead Generation Excellence

Strategic Talent Solutions

Wellness Event Development

Book writing Services

Visual Impact Unlimited: Expert Graphic Design for All Your Branding Needs

Tech-Forward Solutions: Harnessing AI to Optimize Your Business Operations

Market Launch Mastery: Comprehensive Strategy and Execution Support for Your Products and Services

Website Development

Digital Brand Mastery

Virtual Assistant Advantage

Additional Support for Medical Practices

State Licensing

We provide State Licensing Services specialized for Health and Wellness practitioners. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in state licensing requirements and stay updated with the latest policies and procedures. With our expert guidance and personalized approach, we ensure a streamlined licensing process and provide compliance assurance, allowing practitioners to navigate licensing procedures with confidence and ease.

Credentialing Services

Our comprehensive Credentialing Support manages the entire process of enrolling your practice with insurance companies, handling tasks such as provider enrollment, credentialing, re-credentialing, contract review and negotiation, CAQH maintenance, license maintenance, and payer enrollment. With our expertise, practitioners can ensure smooth credentialing processes and maintain compliance with insurance company requirements.

Medical Billing Services

WellTyme offers comprehensive Medical Billing Support tailored for Health and Wellness practices. Our expert team assists in eligibility verification, coding, claims scrubbing, submission, follow-up, denial management, reporting, patient billing, and collections. With our assistance, practitioners can ensure accurate billing processes and maximize revenue while maintaining focus on patient care.

We serve you differently, because we understand you better.

WellTyme deeply understands the dynamics and challenges of health and wellness businesses, because we are practitioners of wellness ourselves. Through wellness workshops, retreats, classes, and various offerings, we are dedicated to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. 

Our partnerships with youth sports and wellness organizations reflect our commitment to enriching the lives of young people through exercise and mindfulness practices, nurturing a healthier and happier future generation.

Client Triumphs

WellTyme has significantly enhanced the performance of numerous health and wellness organizations across various essential areas.

Client Success rates and Trends:

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Our value

Single Hub, Infinite Possibilities

WellTyme’s unique value lies in its role as the premier single-point connection to the Wellbeing movement. By serving as a comprehensive hub for wellness resources, we facilitate connections between disparate wellness modalities and practitioners, empowering individuals, studios, and organizations to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. With a dedicated team of experts and innovative solutions, WellTyme streamlines the path to wellness success, making holistic wellbeing accessible to all.

Our Vision

To be the transformative force that unites and elevates health and wellness businesses, creating a thriving global community where collective well-being is the cornerstone of all endeavors. Through our innovative services and unwavering support, WellTyme aims to inspire a movement where wellness is within everyone's reach, fostering healthier communities and empowering businesses to lead this change.

Our Mission

At WellTyme, we are dedicated to enhancing community wellness by empowering health and wellness businesses to be leading ambassadors of the wellbeing movement. Our mission is to foster a network of support, innovation, and growth that benefits both individuals and organizations, striving to make wellness accessible and sustainable for all.

Our Motto

Empowering Wellness, Inspiring Change

Bridging Wellness Gaps, Building Healthy Communities

Community Wellness Events
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WellTyme actively promotes community wellness through a variety of engaging events, retreats, workshops, and classes. These initiatives are designed to foster connections, enhance well-being, and provide valuable learning opportunities. By bringing together diverse groups, WellTyme creates supportive environments where individuals can grow, share, and thrive together, strengthening the community’s overall health and wellness.