The Compassion Project


The Compassion Project

A Remedy for the Compassion Crisis in Healthcare

WellTyme and Lee Tomlinson, founder of the Compassion Heals Movement, proudly present The Compassion Project, an impactful initiative dedicated to addressing the compassion crisis in healthcare. This program combines proven science with practical applications to enhance both healthcare professional well-being and patient care.

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The Goal

Revitalize Compassion in Healthcare

Spearheaded by Lee Tomlinson's inspiring keynote addresses, our project aims to restore the heart in healthcare, emphasizing the critical role of compassion in enhancing patient and provider outcomes.

Address the Compassion Crisis

Our program is specifically designed to counteract the compassion fatigue plaguing healthcare systems, rejuvenating the intrinsic human kindness necessary for effective caregiving.

Promote Self-Compassion Among Healthcare Professionals

Recognizing the importance of caregivers' well-being as foundational to patient care, our project emphasizes self-compassion to prevent burnout and sustain healthcare professionals’ passion and effectiveness.

Program Structure and Offerings

Choose from half-day or full-day workshops that include “Patient Lee” Tomlinson’s compelling keynote addresses on the vanishing presence of compassion in modern medicine as well as practical wellness segments facilitated by WellTyme.

What's included...

"Patient Lee" Tomlinson's Powerful Keynote Address

The cornerstone of the workshop is one of “Patient Lee” Tomlinson’s powerful Keynote addresses.


"Patient Lee" Tomlinson's Featured Talks

From Burnout Back to Brilliance: What My Cancer Taught Me About Your Joy at Work

The Naked Truth About Compassion: A Return to the Heart of Healing

The Blessings of Cancer. Seriously? Yes!

Compassion-Driven Customer Service: Get More Customers, Retain Great Employees, Increase Profitability

Diverse Wellness Modalities

Participants enjoy a carefully arranged line-up of wellness activities spanning spa services, yoga, breath-work, mindfulness meditation, sound healing, movement exercises, guided imagery (hypnotherapy), wellness coaching, regenerative health, chiropractic wellness, acupuncture, body work, and craniosacral therapy.

Expert Facilitation

Each segment is led by licensed practitioners skilled in these modalities, ensuring that healthcare professionals gain hands-on experience in integrating these practices into their personal and professional lives.

Value to Healthcare Organizations and Patients

Economic Benefits

Implementing compassion-centric practices leads to lower costs related to staff turnover, legal issues, and patient care errors, while boosting patient retention and enhancing organizational reputation.

Decreased Absenteeism

By fostering a healthier, more compassionate workplace, organizations experience lower rates of absenteeism as staff engagement and well-being improve.

Educational Impact

Healthcare professionals acquire essential skills and knowledge to integrate compassion into their routines, thereby improving interactions with patients and enhancing job fulfillment.

Enhanced Professional Well-being

Our workshops equip professionals with self-care tools essential for managing stress and avoiding burnout in high-pressure environments.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Compassionate care is shown to facilitate faster recoveries, reduced pain, and better overall health for patients.

Join Us

We Invite You

We invite healthcare organizations to participate in our Compassion Heals workshops, available both onsite and offsite, ranging from half to full-day sessions. These workshops blend Lee Tomlinson’s transformative talks with WellTyme's extensive wellness services, including yoga, mindfulness, and more, all facilitated by licensed professionals.

Our Commitment

Together, WellTyme and Lee Tomlinson are committed to transforming healthcare environments into bastions of compassion and care. Sign up for our workshops today and be a part of this noble journey towards a more empathetic and effective healthcare system.