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Who we are

Empowering Wellness, Inspiring Change

At WellTyme, we are dedicated to enhancing both the effectiveness of health and wellness businesses and the vitality of the communities they serve. Our mission is to integrate the power of wellness into every aspect of community life, making holistic well-being accessible and sustainable for all.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where wellness is within everyone’s reach—where health and wellness businesses are the cornerstones of community well-being, creating a thriving global community.

What We Do

WellTyme serves as the premier single-point connection to the wellness movement, providing comprehensive support to wellness businesses while also enriching the communities they touch. Our dual approach includes:

  • Business Empowerment: We offer tailored wellness programs, operational support, and expert guidance to enhance business efficiency and patient care.
  • Community Enrichment: Through engaging workshops, retreats, and community events, we promote health education and foster a supportive wellness network.
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To be the transformative force that unites and elevates health and wellness businesses, creating a thriving global community where collective well-being is the cornerstone of all endeavors. Through our innovative services and unwavering support, WellTyme aims to inspire a movement where wellness is within everyone's reach, fostering healthier communities and empowering businesses to lead this change.


At WellTyme, we are dedicated to enhancing community wellness by empowering health and wellness businesses to be leading ambassadors of the wellbeing movement. Our mission is to foster a network of support, innovation, and growth that benefits both individuals and organizations, striving to make wellness accessible and sustainable for all.

Euron Nicholson

Our Story

In 2018, in the heart of Southern California, WellTyme emerged from the vision of Euron Nicholson, an accomplished MBA with two decades of expertise in health and wellness business operations. Euron’s journey, marked by leadership, coaching, and mentoring healthcare professionals to their highest potential, led him to a pivotal realization. Despite the abundance of resources, many healthcare entrepreneurs and organizations struggled to navigate the overwhelming sea of options to find the support that truly aligned with their needs. WellTyme was envisioned as a bridge—a vital connection linking the heartbeat of communities to the wellness businesses that nurture their health. Euron’s philosophy was simple yet profound: to embed the spirit of wellness into the very core of community interaction, making WellTyme not just a service provider but a living part of the wellness community itself.

From its early days, WellTyme has passionately delivered through retreats, workshops, and community events, embodying the role of a practitioner in every endeavor. This hands-on approach has ingrained in the WellTyme team a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges and triumphs that wellness businesses encounter.

As a premier “Single-Source, single-hub” partner, WellTyme stands out as a beacon for health and wellness businesses seeking not just services, but a partner who walks the wellness journey alongside them. At WellTyme, we are more than supporters; we are participants and advocates of the wellness movement.

Our mission is to simplify the complex landscape of health resources, making it accessible and manageable for health and wellness practices, studios, and organizations. We connect these businesses with the precise resources they need, fostering an environment where both wellness businesses and the communities they serve can thrive together.

Our Belief

WellTyme was founded on the belief that wellness should be a communal pursuit. Born from a desire to bridge gaps in health and wellness accessibility, our founders envisioned a platform that would empower health providers and uplift communities alike. From humble beginnings, WellTyme has grown into a pivotal force in the wellness industry, driven by a passion to serve and a commitment to transformative health solutions.

Our Impact

With a dedicated team of experts, WellTyme tailors its resources to meet the nuanced needs of both businesses and their communities. From increasing operational efficiencies to fostering community engagement and enhancing wellness education, we provide the tools necessary for sustained success.

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