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Founded in 2018 by Euron Nicholson, WellTyme has come a long way from its beginnings. When Euron first started the company, his passion for connecting businesses and people with their dreams and desires led him to step away from a career in Corporate leadership so that (through WellTyme) he could wholly focus on serving your needs. We now serve practitioners, studios, and consumers throughout multiple wellness segments with the primary objective of promoting collective well-being.

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Euron Nicholson


For Wellness Professionals

  • Are you a Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Masseuse, Make-up artist, or other beauty professional interested in mobilizing you your business due to Covid-19? Rent our Luxury WellTyme Mobile Wellness Studio. A full-service mobile facility (RV) designed to make it possible for you to provide  your beauty services in any geography.

  • Do you need to update your business approach and strategy due to the pandemic  or other unexpected market conditions? We partner with you to come up with innovative solutions to thrive in an ever-changing Wellness landscape.
  • ​Do you need prime locations for your Wellness events, retreats or classes? We find ideal locations to fit your needs.

  •  Struggling to find fitness studio equipment at affordable rates? We connect you with the best suppliers for the equipment you need.
  • ​Need help managing business systems and infrastructure? We connect you with the right technology and resources to fit your desired strategy.

  • ​Want to sell online? WellTyme helps you build an online presence through the creation of a plan and resources to fit your desired online strategy.
  • ​Need additional trainers, instructors, or other practitioners who are passionate and aligned with your Wellness business’s culture? We find you licensed and qualified health and wellness practitioners who are the right fit for your business.

  • Looking to bring high quality all-natural supplements to your clients? Through a Joint Partnership with Just+ Vitamins and Supplements, WellTyme provides the highest quality all-natural supplements that can be specifically tailored to fit your brand and client demographic. You now have access to custom-made products for your unique Business needs!

For Wellness Consumers

  • Are you having a wedding or other event and have your own beauty professionals on hand? A WellTyme Luxury Mobile Wellness Studio Rental allows you to make it a Spa day wherever you are. And if you need beauty professionals for your event, we’ve got you there too!

  • WellTyme facilitates public and private Soundbath Meditation, Yoga, Fitness, and other Community-based Wellness classes/events. Check out our events calendar or book your private event with us today!

  • We also facilitate Wellness Retreats and other special events to bring Wellness to every community.
  • ​WellTyme provides Sports Training and enrichment services for all Adults and Youth through a variety of affiliates.

  • If you are hitting a block in your pursuit of well-being and need support overcoming life’s obstacles, connect with our licensed Life & Wellness Coach.

  • ​In Partnership with C.O.T.A. (Conscious Opportunities Through Awareness) Life, WellTyme presents The “Blended Broadcast”, a podcast dedicated to balancing ideas and perspectives in Wellness.

  • Through a Joint Partnership with Just+ Vitamins and Supplements, WellTyme provides the highest quality all-natural supplements to support your Wellness goals.

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