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Strategic Business Blueprint

We support comprehensive business strategy development and execution, including expert advisement and tailored solutions to help businesses define objectives, identify opportunities, and achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

Practice Management Operations

We provide expert consultation and tailored solutions for managing your health and wellness practice. From technology integration to strategic partnerships and streamlined procedures, we ensure efficient and effective management for health and wellness practices.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our digital marketing team supports you in driving organic traffic and conversions to your business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities.

Social Media Management

We provide expert social media management support tailored for health and wellness practices. Through compelling content creation and strategic influencer collaborations, we elevate brand visibility, credibility, and client engagement across multiple platforms, driving business growth and success.

Digital Marketing

Our in-house digital marketing team drives brand expansion across all digital mediums. From crafting comprehensive digital marketing strategies to managing SEO, PPC ads, email campaigns, and optimizing conversion solutions, we ensure your brand stands out and thrives in the digital landscape.

Lead Generation Excellence

Lead generation support for health and wellness organizations, covering both B2C and B2B+ sales strategies. From crafting lead generation funnels to securing qualified leads booked directly to your calendar, we ensure seamless sales processes with a team that specializes in targeting niche prospects, personalized email marketing, and custom marketing copy development, guaranteeing a steady flow of qualified leads and business growth.

Visual Impact Unlimited: Expert Graphic Design for All Your Branding Needs

WellTyme offers unlimited graphic design support for various assets including logos, podcast cover art, brochures, ads, social media graphics, flyers, infographics, and training program/workshop templates. With our expert design team, you can consistently produce high-quality visuals to elevate your brand and marketing materials.

Tech-Forward Solutions: Harnessing AI to Optimize Your Business Operations

Our business technology support aligns you with the latest AI tools to enhance efficiency across various areas including office/studio management, marketing, booking and scheduling, client and staff management, resource management, mobile applications, rewards programs, virtual trainings, payments/POS systems, and registration forms/waivers.

Market Launch Mastery: Comprehensive Strategy and Execution Support for Your Products and Services

We offers expert go-to-market support, assisting in strategy development and plan execution for both new and existing products and services. From pricing and distribution to competitive analysis and marketing, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure successful market entry and sustained growth.

Strategic Talent Solutions

Our human resourcing consultants expertly match your business with the talent needed to excel in operations, administrative support, and beyond. Leveraging our deep expertise, we empower you to advance your business with the right resources, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness at every step.

Wellness Event Development

Our Wellness Event Development support offers comprehensive assistance for health and wellness events. From workshop and retreat planning to event coordination and venue procurement, we handle all aspects of event organization. Our services also include event promotion, legal document drafting, and securing sponsors, ensuring a seamless and successful wellness event experience.

Book writing Services

WellTyme's Book Writing Support offers comprehensive assistance in bringing your book concept to life. From outlining to writing, editing, and formatting, our expert team ensures a polished final product. We also handle cover design, distribution, publishing, and marketing, providing a full-service solution to help you publish and promote your book effectively.

Website Development

Our Website Development service offers revamping, redesigning, or creating websites according to your specifications. Our experienced developers utilize the latest coding and technology practices to ensure your website is fast, secure, scalable, and optimized for search engines. We also provide ongoing website maintenance and support to keep your site up-to-date and secure, ensuring a seamless online presence for your business.

Digital Brand Mastery

WellTyme's Brand Development support ensures consistency and effectiveness across all digital mediums. Our experts refine brand messages, implement marketing strategies, manage content, and refresh websites to resonate with your unique audience. From social media management to blog and newsletter development, we ensure cohesive branding for impactful digital presence.

Virtual Assistant Advantage

We provide Virtual Administrative Assistant support tailored for Health and Wellness businesses, covering a wide range of tasks including inbound/outbound calls, social media management, PowerPoint presentations, research, email management, event planning, booking speaking engagements, content development support, transcriptions/note-taking, data entry, business development admin duties, and travel arrangements. Our dedicated assistants help streamline operations and support business growth initiatives, allowing practitioners to focus on delivering quality care.

Medical Scribe and Billing

Welltyme Inc., is now partnered with Scribe Align LLC., a global medical billing company to provide exceptional practice management services to various medical and non-medical fields. These specialties include physiotherapy, orthopedics, dermatology, neurology, psychology, cardiology, oncology, family medicine, internal medicine, allergy and immunology, neonatology, Pathology, urology, endocrinology, gynecology, and many others.

Maximize your Medical Practice Revenue

Efficient Claims Processing for your Peace of Mind. At WellTyme, we utilize cutting-edge technology and current industry standards to ensure that all claims are processed quickly and accurately. With our assistance, you can relax, knowing that your billing matters are in capable hands. This will allow you to allocate more time and energy towards providing top-notch patient care.

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Provider Enrollment 

We handle the entire process of enrolling your practice with all the necessary insurance companies. 

Provider Credentialing 

We ensure that your practice meets all the credentialing requirements of insurance companies, including maintaining current licenses, certifications, and accreditations 


We ensure that your practice remains up-to-date with all the insurance companies’ credentialing requirements, helping you avoid any potential delays in payments. 

Contract Review 

We review all insurance company contracts, ensuring that your practice is receiving the best possible reimbursement rates.

Contract Negotiation 

We negotiate with insurance companies to secure the best possible contract terms for your practice 

CAQH Maintenance 

We maintain your CAQH profile, ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date. 

License Maintenance 

We help you maintain your practice’s licenses, certifications, and accreditations, ensuring that you remain compliant with insurance company requirements. 

Payer Enrollment 

We assist you in enrolling with new payer sources to help you expand your patient base and increase your revenue

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Eligibility and benefits 

The day before each appointment, our team will review and confirm the eligibility and benefits of all patients. We will then provide updates through a shared live Google sheet. 

Coding Expertise 

We have experienced coders who translate the medical procedures and diagnoses into standardized codes (such as ICD-10 and CPT codes) that insurance companies use to determine reimbursement levels.

Claims Scrubbing 

Before submitting claims, our team performs thorough checks to identify errors, missing information, or inconsistencies in the claims.

Claims Submission 

Our follow up team responsible for follow-up monitors the status of submitted claims on the third and fifth days following the submission of the claim. 

Denial Management 

If a claim is denied or rejected, they identify the reasons and rectify any issues promptly to resubmit the claim for reimbursement. 

After receiving approval from the coding department, our billing team utilizes electronic health record (EHR) systems and billing software to submit claims electronically. These speeds up the process and reduces the likelihood of errors. 

Follow-Up on Claims 

Our follow up team responsible for follow-up monitors the status of submitted claims on the third and fifth days following the submission of the claim. 

Reporting and Analytics 

There will be a bi-weekly meeting with healthcare providers with regular reports and analytics on their financial performance. These insights help providers understand their revenue trends, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions. 

Patient Billing and Collections 

We generate clear and understandable bills for patients, detailing services provided and the amounts owed after insurance adjustments. 

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Prior authorization

We manage medication and evaluation prior authorizations to ensure timely approval.


We verify benefits with insurance companies before appointments, aligning details with CPT codes to prevent denials and rejections.

Answering Patient Inbound Calls

Our virtual assistants will handle all patient inquiries professionally and efficiently, ensuring excellent customer service.

Scheduling Patient Appointments:

We oversee your appointment calendar to ensure accurate scheduling and minimize conflicts.

Appointment Confirmations

To decrease no-shows, we confirm all patient appointments 24 hours in advance.

Follow-Up Appointment Scheduling

Our team schedules follow-up appointments, helping patients maintain their treatment plans.

Referral calls

We handle outreach for scheduling appointments with external providers as referred by your office.

Pharmacy calls

We coordinate prescription refills directly with pharmacies.

EMR Transition

We facilitate seamless transitions of data between EMR systems as required.

Fax Management:

We regularly check and manage incoming faxes, taking actions according to your instructions.

Patient Registration and Communication

We efficiently handle patient registrations and maintain communication as necessary.

Medication Reminders

Our virtual assistants monitor medication schedules and alert doctors ahead of due dates to ensure prescriptions are timely.

Lab Follow-Up

We retrieve lab test results and assist in organizing follow-up appointments for patients.

Patient Statements

Our team efficiently processes and sends out patient statements.

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  • Document patient encounters in real-time, using electronic medical record (EMR) systems or other documentation software. 
  • Ensure that all patient encounter notes are accurate, complete, and compliant with HIPAA regulations and other relevant guidelines 
  • Organize and update patient medical records as needed 
  • Review patients’ medical history, social history. 
  • Enter orders for diagnostic tests, medications, or other treatments as directed by the provider. 
  • Take care of Lab orders, sending prescriptions to pharmacies 
  • Put Correct ICD-10, CPTs and Visit codes. 
  • Work collaboratively with providers and other healthcare staff to ensure efficient and effective patient care. 
  • Continuously update their medical knowledge and stay up-to-date with new developments in healthcare documentation practices. 
  • Continuously update their medical knowledge and stay up-to-date with new developments in healthcare documentation practices. 
  • Provide feedback to the provider or practice regarding areas for improvement or opportunities to enhance documentation processes.

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