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WellTyme presents…

“A better way to grow your Health & Wellness Practice”

A Business Support Program specifically designed for Health and Wellness Businesses. Whether you are a team of one or many, HRH is a revolutionary and customized approach to securing the exact mix of business support needed to meet and exceed your growth goals. Through a team-based, “single-source” model, our diverse team of experts becomes YOUR team.

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Through the HRH program, customized and partnered support is available in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellness Practice “Business” Advisor (We provide a dedicated practice advisor to manage the overall engagement and provide advisory support to solidify the following: The problem you’re solving, Overall Business Strategy, your offerings, target market, competitive advantage, funding needs, sales & marketing, forecast, team & key roles, key milestones, and more!)


  • Practice Management Support (A dedicated Practice management consultant provides the following support for your Practice: CRM and other Technology, EMR, Clinical and business operations development, Patient Consultation, Strategic B2B partnerships, Policies and procedures, Processes and protocols, Billing, Sales strategy, patient and staff education, and more!)


  • Brand Development Strategy (Our Brand development experts ensure that your Brand message, Content, social media, Website, and Copy are consistent and aligned across all digital medium.)Social Media-Content-Influencer Marketing


  • Social Media, Content, and Influencer Marketing (Our Social Media team creates
    Compelling and trending content on TikTok, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms. Collaborating with influencers, we aim to boost your brand’s visibility and credibility within your wellness segment, ultimately driving business growth, conversions, and fostering client engagement.)


  • Sales and Lead generation (Our team of experts support you in the following areas: Sales/Lead generation, Comprehensive marketing strategy, campaign development, and more!)


  • B2B Lead Generation  (Outbound) (Our B2B Lead generation team is available to provide the following support: Personalized outreach via email and phone, calls booked directly to your calendar, targeted prospects based on custom guidelines, guaranteed # of booked calls monthly.)


  • Digital Marketing (Our digital marketing team is here to support you with the following: Personalized Approach to your online needs, digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) management, Online Strategy, Email marketing, increasing conversions, and much more!)


  • Wellness Event Development (Our Wellness event consultant is here to provide health & wellness event-related support in the following ways: Workshop and retreat planning, Event Coordination, Venue procurement (finding your space), Onsite event support, Event promotion and marketing, legal document drafting, Securing sponsors, and more!)


  • Develop and execute your book concept (Our DFY Book-writing team is here to support you with bringing your book concept to life in the following areas: Outlining your book, writing and completion, Cover design, revisions, a dedicated team of expert writers, editing/proof-reading/formatting per IPS standard, layout, distribution and royalty set up, E-Book creation and distribution, paperback distribution, hardcover printing and management, publishing, marketing, and print on-demand setup)


  • Marketing Strategy (Depending on your practice goals, we will align you with the following types of marketing support: Brand marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Growth Marketing, Marketing Analyst, and Social Media Management)


  • DFY Podcast Development (Our team of award-winning experts provide the following for your podcast: Media training, Podcast production, distribution, promo production, editing, hosting, content creation, format, sponsors, guest management, and more! All you do is show up twice per month to record and we handle the rest!)


  • Legal Business Documents (Our legal consultant helps with the creation of contracts, waivers, agreements, NDAs, and more!)


  • Website Development (Refinement or Creation of a custom website for your Practice.)


  • Copywriting Support (A dedicated copy team to support blog writing, social media captions, email marketing copy, ad copy, website copy, and more!)


  • IP Copyright (Our legal analyst helps you secure protection for your Intellectual property, including Training/Course materials and other protected Business-related content.)


  • Graphic Design (Our Graphic design experts support graphic design needs such as Logo creation, Podcast Cover Art, Brochures, Ads, Social Media Graphics, Flyers, Infographics, Training program Templates & much more!)


  • Branded Mobile Application (For coaching/teaching/training programs, booking, content library, subscriptions, live-streaming, interactive classes, community building, push notifications, client support & services, & much more!)


  • Wellness Practice Management Technology (We help to consolidate and align your business operations with the appropriate technology to efficiently facilitate such areas as: Facility management, marketing, booking & scheduling, manage clients, manage staff, manage equipment, mobile application, rewards programs, virtual trainings & classes, payments/POS, registration forms & waivers, & more!)


  • Go-to-market Strategy (We help you develop and launch plans for new and existing products and services, including pricing, distribution, market analysis, competition, and more!) 


  • Mindset Coaching (In alignment with our belief that your practice a direct reflection of your own thinking, we provide Mindset-coaching through our Licensed “Guided Imagery” Consultant/Hypnotherapist, to help you navigate the mental blocks and struggles faced by health and wellness entrepreneurs.)


  • Human Resourcing (If you need specific staffing or strategic partners, we can help you find and vet the RIGHT resources to align with your practice and/or health and wellness events.)


  • Cannabis Industry Consulting (We provide Cannabis industry business consulting which includes “end-to-end” solutions to maximize quality and efficiency for this vertical)


  • Virtual Administrative Assistance (Let us bring you dedicated and vetted Virtual Assistants for your Health/Wellness practice specific to your needs and Niche. These experts can provide support in the following areas: EMR Transition, Fax Management, Patient/Client Registration and Communication, Medication/Supplement reminders, Lab Follow-up, Email Inbox monitoring, Social Media Management, Phone calls, and much more.)


  • State Licensing Services  (Our team of experienced professionals specialize in state licensing across a variety of industries. We stay up to date with the latest licensing policies, procedures, and changes in each state. You can rely on our in-depth knowledge to guide you through the entire licensing
    Process. We provide: Expert Guidance, Personalized approach, Streamlined process, and Compliance Assurance.)


  • Credentialing Support  (Our team of experienced professionals handle the entire process of enrolling your practice
    with all the necessary insurance companies. We provide support with: Provider Enrollment, Provider Credentialing, Re-credentialing, Insurance company Contract Review, Insurance company Contract Negotiation, CAQH Maintenance, License Maintenance, and Payer Enrollment.)


  • Medical Billing Support (Our team of expert medical billing experts support you in such areas as: Eligibility and benefits
    , Coding expertise, Claims Scrubbing, Claims Submission, Follow-Up on Claims, Denial Management, Reporting and Analytics, and Patient Billing and Collections.

In our commitment to promoting Wellness in every community, WellTyme conducts retreats, events (public and private), and classes that focus on meditation, yoga, fitness, nutrition, life skills, spirituality, and more.

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“Wellness is Life and Life is Movement.”

Youth Sports, Wellness, and Enrichment

-Youth Sports-

-Fitness Training-

-Youth Enrichment-

-Youth Wellness-

Through our affiliate, California Sports Academy (CSA), WellTyme provides comprehensive athletic development and sports-specific training for athletes of all types, ranging from middle school sports teams to collegiate athletes.

We partner with a number of Sports training and enrichment organizations to support youth sports, wellness, and performance training.

With focus on elite player development and enrichment from Middle School to High School, our primary partner affiliate CSA was established in 2012. Since its inception, the academy has developed countless young athletes into outstanding young citizens of the world by instilling specific competencies in the areas of leadership, sportsmanship, and team orientation as foundational principles of the program.

At its core, CSA has roots firmly planted in the enrichment of the lives of community youth. It was built and developed with an initial focus solely on youth athletics.

CSA has widely expanded its “elite-exposure” national Young women’s basketball program that only competes in major circuits and has an excellent track record in elevating its athletes to top tier NCAA programs. Through a network of veteran coaches and training staff, many players are now competing at NCAA and Pro levels.

Through other affiliates such as R2H, MxR Fitness, DNA Elite Private Training, and others, WellTyme connects both youth and adults to sports and performance training resources to meet their fitness and athletic goals.


California Sports Academy


-Elite Player development and enrichment from MS to HS since 1999-

-Certified and Proven Coaches-

-Professional Performance Trainers and Nutrition Program-

-ACL and Injury Prevention Education-

-A Fully Customized Social Media integrated Player Recruiting Platform-

-An Elite Exposure Program certified through the major Brand circuits-

-Early Exposure and players progress tracking at the MS Level-

-NCAA, USAB, AAU, and Jr. NBA Certified girls basketball (Chatsworth- Woodland Hills-Encino, CA)-